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April Showers – Fun things to when it’s raining

April 16, 2019

April Showers…!

April showers bring May flowers! Living in the northwest is a real treat, but sometimes it does rain. When it’s raining, you can choose to don your Northface jacket and rain boots and hit the trail – OR – you can stay inside, and take in the many unique experiences this city has to offer.

Seattle Central Library

Easily one of the coolest buildings in Seattle, this eleven-story stainless steel and glass structure is amazing. It’s the Seattle Library Systems flag-ship library and it holds some incredible spaces to escape the rain and catch up on some classics.

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Lush, green and completely inside. In the center of Volunteer Park is a glasshouse completely filled with botanical wonders from around the world. You will find all types of seasonal plants. There are ponds, , and ferns. It’s an amazing experience if it’s raining hard, as you hear and see the raindrops hit the glass roof.

Get the Golden Ticket

Take a tour of a real-life chocolate factory. Theo’s Chocolate in Fremont makes free trade organic chocolate in a schmorgesborg of flavors. Call ahead to schedule a tour of the factory, smells are free.

Hike Among Boulders and Caves

The Tiger Mountain Talus Rock hike is one of the best hikes to do in the rain. Escape the drip drops as you nestle under large boulders. It’s about 3.5 miles round trip. In past years the trail was muddy, but recent renovations on the trail have made this a great hike for all weather.

5 Things to do this spring in Seattle!

March 15, 2019

Spring is here!

Spring is here! The trees are starting to get green again. The flowers are beginning to bloom, and everywhere bees are buzzing, and birds are flying — sweet, sweet pollen. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite things to do in the Springtime in this great state. We want you to get up, get out, and get some!!!

1. Take a Hike, man!

One of the best things about Washington are the trees. It’s called the evergreen state for a reason, and that reason is that there are a TON OF TREES! So, for the first must do of the Spring season is to take a hike! Whatever your physical condition, there is a hike for you. From the 8-mile switchback path to the top of Big Si (a mountain in North Bend), to a mild stroll around one of the walking trails at Discovery Park. Bring your dog, bring your camera, bring your lover, or bring your friend. Enjoy the greenery of our fantastic state.

2. Street Fairs and Food Festivals!

During the spring there are a TON of festivals to attend. Some of our favorites are the annual Food Truck Rodeos. Seattle is quickly becoming one of the preeminent foodie destinations of the country. Not quite as good as Portland, but we hold our own. Try some of the gourmet food trucks that make our great state one of the tastiest around.

3. Tulips!

Flowers on flowers on flowers! If you have never been to the tulip festival in the Skagit Valley, you have to check it out. Don your favorite sundress, or a dapper sweater and head on over. There are fields of tulips, as far as the eye can see. It’s a great way to get a photo for your next Christmas card, or that hot new Instagram pic you’ll be sure to get MAD LIKES on!

4. Farmers Markets!

You know how we feel about a good rutabaga. Or some of that kale that is fresh AF. Get your microgreens on at all the Farmers Markets around the city. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday morning or a Tuesday afternoon. Bring your reusable organic tote bags and your creative dinner ideas. You’ll leave with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and some farm fresh produce!

5. Go Whale Watching!

You’ll have a whale of a time whale watching. You’ll be thanking us here at the Bowman for recommending a perfect Spring outing. And we will say “You’re Whale-come!” – Ok, all puns aside, this is a quintessential Washington experience that you can’t miss. Take a day trip around the San Juans and meet an Orca. Gawk at the bald eagles, and learn about all the wildlife that inhabits our vast coastal areas. You won’t be disappointed.

Date night!

February 14, 2019

How you doin…?

February is a time for love. It’s a time to snuggle, and cuddles. It’s a time to Netflix and chill…you know what we mean. We decided to make this blog entry about dates. Whether you got a sweet boo-thang, or you’re actively on the prowl, here are some great ideas to show the special person in your life, that you care.

The Classic Seattle Coffee Date

Yes, we know maybe it seems a bit cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason. This city is chock-full of amazing coffee shops. So head over to MiiR, or Fremont Coffee Company, or Stoneway cafe, and take that certain somebody out for a caffeinated treat.

I scream you scream!

Icecream…in February!? You might be thinking that’s a bit crazy, but there is no better way to capture your lover’s heart than with a delicious sweet treat. There are at least 3 ice cream shops within walking distance. So, no matter if you head to Molly Moons, Bluebird Icecream, or Fainting Goat Gelato, your date (and stomach) will thank you!

Paint Night!

When you’re painting, there are no mistake, just happy little accidents. Let’s hope your date, doesn’t think this way about you. They’re sure not too, if you play your cards right and take them somewhere you can sip wine and create art! So many places around the city offer paint nights. Our favorite place to go to check out all of the amazing spots is www.yaymaker.com – they partner with a ton of local restaurants to host these fun events. If painting isn’t’ your thing, they even have reef making, sign making, and terrariums. Impress your date by thinking outside of the box.

Shred the Slopes!

January 21, 2019

Slopes up!

Washington State is one of the best places in the country to ski and snowboard. The scenic beauty of our state and the vast amount of mountains makes it a top destination for shredding that sweet pow pow. Here is a list of the TOP resorts in our area to get out on the slopes!

Crystal Mountain

Crystal is Washington’s largest ski resort located in Enumclaw, near both Seattle and Tacoma. The resort boasts more than 50 names runs, with a ton of backcountry to explore as well. You’ll find the highest restaurant in the state, the Summit House, sitting at 6,795 feet above the sea. The restaurant, as well as a gondola to the top are open all year long.

Summit at Snoqualmie

The Summit at Snoqualmie has 4 great mountain areas suitable for all levels of expertise. Expert and more advanced skiers will want to head up to the Alpental area, while beginners and families will feel more comfortable at Summit West. Each area has great dining options, and there is even a tubing and Nordic area for those who like to cross country ski. While there are no resorts directly on the mountain, Cascadia is located about 30 minutes away and is a luxury northwest resort that you and your family are sure to love.

Stevens Pass

This resort is nuzzled in between two national forests. The result is one of the most stunning resorts in the country. Many locals deem this as the best place for that fresh pow pow. On average Stevens Pass gets 450 inches of snow each year. There are 37 runs at Stevens Pass, and they are divided up as follows – 11% beginner, 54% intermediate and 35% advanced. Stevens Pass also has a great Nordic Center which opens up opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Resort Map

Winter in Seattle! 5 Fun things to do!

December 20, 2018

Winter is coming.

Seattle in the winter time is…well, it’s wet, and it’s cold, and it’s grey, but don’t worry because, sometimes, yes sometimes it can also be beautiful. We have put together a list of some of our favorite things to do during the winter in Seattle. So, grab your snowshoes, get your North Face jacket, a pair of gloves, and your favorite beanie and try out some of these great activities you can only experience in the winter.

Night Ski

Skiing at night, really? Yes. A few of our local resorts offer the ability to ski in the evening. Not only is this a great way to get more runs in, but it’s also a surreal experience riding that chair up the mountain in the evening twilight hours. Snoqualmie and Steven’s Pass are both open until 10 pm. Give it a try!

Love the lights at Leavenworth

Leavenworth is our Bavarian-themed town to the east. It’s a great place to go for Oktoberfest, but that’s the only thing Leavenworth has to offer. Besides being a jump-off point to some of the best snowy hikes and snowshoeing around, it’s also home to Bavarian Ice Fest. Held annually over MLK weekend, it’s a family friendly festival where you’ll be able to make snow sculptures, sled, and see the fireworks right from the village decked out in lights!

Snow Shoe

Walking in the snow can be difficult. That is of course unless you are wearing snowshoes! If you like to hike in the summer, you’re sure to enjoy snowshoeing it the winter. There are literally hundreds of trails that allow you take in all of the majestic beauty this state has to offer. Head over Lake Wenatchee State Park or the North Cascades, and you will find yourself lost in a Winter Wonderland.

Drink some seasonal beer

Just about every brewery is offering some sort of delicious season winter-themed beer. Get out, explore and inquire at your local pub about their season winter ales! We are big fans of Fremont Brewery’s Imperial Winter Ale.

Grab a Sled! Or a tube!

Don’t like to ski or snowboard? No problem. You don’t need any skill to go sledding. All of our resorts have special places to sled and tube. Automated ropes bring you back up the hill when you’re done, so there is no need to make the trek with your tube in hand. Just lie back, grab the rope and enjoy the ride. Once you reach the top of hill hold on tight! This is a must do every winter. Follow the long day with hot chocolate in the lodge.

Tis the Season! Hipster Gift Guide for presents under $100

November 25, 2018

Fa la la la! Deck the halls! Light the Menorah! Celebrate Kwanzaa – or, just give some gifts because you want too! No matter what you believe, or don’t believe, it’s a great time to show the ones in your life you care…by giving them presents! Yay for capitalism! We here at the Bowman know that you’re busy. You have meetings, and brunches to attend too. Your dog needs walking, and your cat needs the space under his chin rubbed and scratched. We want to help, we want to give you a few gift ideas that we love. Something that anyone would cherish, and be oh happy to receive.

Custom Monogrammed Slippers!

Your boo-thang is going to be sure to love these plush slips for their cold toes. Slip them on, curl up by the fire, and enjoy an evening of sophistication.

An InstaPOT!

Pot Roast in an hour!? NO WAY! Way. If you haven’t heard about the Instapot, you have obviously been living under a rock for the last 3 years. The electronic pressure cooker will have you making all sorts of slow cooked items in record time. One pot means easy cleanup! Seriously, this thing is great, we have one, and we use it all the time.

A cat tower

This is the purrrrrrfect gift for your feline adoring friends. It’s cat tested and cat approved. Your friends will thank you, even though they might feel a bit slighted that your present to them isn’t really for them, but for their cat. So, in a way, you can get your friends a present and play a joke on them. Hope your cat likes their present!

Portable Photo Printer

Say Cheese! How many times do you take photos and never do anything with them. Maybe you post a few on facebook, or instagram, but then what? They sit on the computer and you rarely see them. Sure you got some likes, but that’s about it. News flash for us millennials, we can actually print these photos…NO WAY! Get this portable photo printer, and print out your insta-gems. Put them on your walls, or get the printer that prints stickers, and stick them everywhere!

Coffee of the Month Club

New Coffee every month. What more needs to be said? Get your friends a subscription to a coffee of the month club and keep them caffeinated, because seriously, who doesn’t like coffee.


No picture needed. No description needed. Be the life of the party, get your friends booze. Then just open it up and drink it yourself.


Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2018!

October 22, 2018

Trick or Treat!!! We love Halloween, and here at the Bowman we want to give you some great ideas for your 2018 costume. We’ve scavaged the internets and world wide webs, and gathered our top 5 costume ideas. Pick one of these, and you will surely be the bell (or whatever the male equivalent) of the ball!

Boxed Wine

Spice Rack

Crazy Cat Lady

This is fine Meme

French Toast

Copy Cat

No Scrubs

Social Butterfly

Guy Fieri

Hocus Pocus Sisters

Most importantly, stay safe out there this Halloween!!

Fall is here! 3 Places to see beautiful foliage

October 02, 2018

Fall is here! Washington is a beautiful place. It’s even more beautiful in the fall. There are so many trees, and so many wonderful places to take in all that beauty! We’ve compiled a list of 5 best places to capture the vibrant colors. Make sure you get your sweater, your scarf, and your camera!

Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

The City of Seattle and the University of Washington manage 230-acres of stunning botanical gardens near the shores of Lake Washington. Areas particularly good for fall color are the Japanese Maple, Asiatic Maple, and Mountain Ash sections on the northeast side of the park, and, most beautiful of all, the Japanese Garden on the southwest side of the park.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Bigleaf maple trees abound on the Hall of Mosses Trail. Huge maples festooned with moss are also seen along the road leading from Highway 101 to the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center and campground. The resident herd of Roosevelt Elk adds to the attraction of the area for nature lovers.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Spectacular mountain scenery and brilliant yellow Alpine larch trees reward hikers who tackle the trails in this rugged section of the central Cascades. The jewel-like lakes of The Enchantments are high on the list of northwest backpacker favorites. There is also plenty of fall color around Leavenworth and the Icicle Creek Canyon on the way to the trailheads, and at nearby Lake Wenatchee.

Washington State Fair!

August 25, 2018


Just kidding, that’s not the slogan anymore, but we still like it! Are you planning on going to the Washington State Fair this year? You really should. The Washington State Fair is the largest single attraction held annually in Washington State and is consistently ranked in the top 10 among State Fairs. The fair opens on 8/31, and you will be able to attend this fun attraction for 21 days.

There is something there for everyone. Carnival games so you can win your BAE a giant stuffed animal. Fried foods aplenty, including fried butter, and a fair staple – the Funnel Cake! 3 separate roller coasters and a bunch of other fun rides to check out!

You can also see award-winning flowers and lots of farm animals. If learning how to milk a cow is on your bucket list, you can check that off at the fair too!

Make sure you get out to the fair during the month of Septemeber! You’ll be glad you did!

Grilled Cheese Grand Prix

July 15, 2018

Bread and Cheese – What could be better? Coming soon near you is an amazing, incredible competition that will sure to leave your waste band tight, and cheese residue on your face. It’s the mother of competitions, and we promise you it won’t be too cheesy. The Grilled Cheese Grand Prix is a cheese off of the greatest grilled cheese sandwhiches in our region. Melty, owey gooey cheess and fresh hot grilled bread. We’ve complied one of the tastiest lists ever, read below for descritptions of all the entries for this years contest. Please try not to druel onto your keyboard.

Where ya at Matt


Andouille sausage and Granny Smith apples placed perfectly between two slices of mouth watering sourdough bread and smothered with Queso Fundito made with Beechers Flagship and Darigold White cheddar.

Bread and Circuses


Truffle Duck Fat Butter, Darigold White Cheddar, Brioche


Lamb Curry Poutine, Darigold White Cheddar, Beechers New Woman, Grand Central Baking Como Loaf.


Ferndale Farms Mozzarella, Basil and Green Onion Pesto, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Reduced Balsamic.

The Grilled Cheese Experience



Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff


Philly Cheesesteak with thinly sliced steak, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, provolone and Darigold cheddar and Beechers flagship cheese.

Nibbles Seattle


Ooey, Gooey sharp white cheddar, and jack cheese from Darigold, crispy Coppola ham, and New Mexico Hatch green chile and tomato jam, on Seattle sourdough cracked wheat

The Cheese Pit


Beechers Flagship Cheese, Thick sliced bacon and crushed pineapple with a citrus glaze on Seattle Sourdough


Darigold White Cheddar Cheese, Honey glazed ham, BBQ sauce on Seattle Sourdough

The Panini Truck


Beechers Jack cheese, Darigold Sharp White, pepperoni, chopped fresh basil and marinara sauce on Macrina Giuseppe bread.

Hapa Sandwiches & Donuts

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

A rainbow of Darigold Cheese between two perfectly toasted slices of bread.

People of the Chubbs


Franz Sliced Sourdough toasted w garlic butter, slow cooked & shredded roast beef, Melted Darigold Cheddar, Manchego, Beechers cheese curds, & stuffed w/ Crisp French Fries.served w/ a cup of house gravy 50:50 (beef:chicken stock)

Wich Came First


Beecher’s Flagship with Hempler’s bacon, Dijon aioli, shaved sweet onion and an over medium egg on Darigold Butter grilled French

Cheese Wizards


Darigold’s Monterey Jack, Medium Cheddar, & White Cheddar on Tallgrass Bakery’s buttery Pullman bread.


Beecher’s Just Jack & Marco Polo, cream cheese, thin sliced chicken breast, roasted red peppers, & Wizard’s Fire sauce on Tallgrass Bakery’s buttery Pullman bread.

Off the Rez


A classic grilled cheese served on our famous handmade frybread. A melty mix of Beecher’s just jack and Dairygold cheddar served with a side of romesco sauce for dipping.