Enjoy an Enchanting Evening at the Arboretum

September 01, 2016

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Looking for something new to do during your next night out? Mark your calendars and enjoy some of the incredible events Seattle has to offer. Sit back, relax, and let us do the research so you can focus on having fun. This week, you definitely won’t want to miss the Twilight Tram Tour at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle.
This Friday, September 9 between 6:30 and 8:00 pm, you can go on a 13-passenger tram ride throughout the beautiful Arboretum. As the evening quiets down and the nighttime wildlife awakens! nothing beats experiencing this hidden gem as you are glided through the forest and encounter bats, raccoons and owls. You will also get to learn about the rich Arboretum history, the plants living there and the interesting stories behind them. Enjoy this enchanting evening with family, friends or make it a date night! 

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend at this Iconic Seattle Festival

August 18, 2016

Labor Day Weekend will be here any minute and if you’re wondering how to celebrate this three-day weekend, we have some ideas to help you enjoy your last summer hurrah.


One Labor Day tradition unique to Seattle is Bumbershoot, one of the largest cultural festivals in the country. For over 40 years, thousands of people have made their way to Seattle for an experience like none other. Located at the Seattle Center, you are conveniently located near all of the action.


Between September 2-4, Bumbershoot will feature live music, comedy, theater, film, visual arts, dance performances, and so much more, this is one event you definitely need to attend. You can purchase your tickets here.

The Best Indoor Plants to Purchase for Your Seattle Apartment

August 11, 2016

Looking to add some greenery to your apartment? Indoor plants are one of the best ways to spruce up your home and bring some life to your space. Some plants do better indoors than others, though, so here are some ideas to get you started.


If You Want to Keep Your Bathroom Fresh…

Get an English Ivy. Research has proven that this plant does wonders on filtering out fecal particles and other toxins from the air. Place this beautiful shrub on your countertop or above the tank of the toilet.


If You Want To Breathe Easy Overnight…

Be sure to invest in the Snake Plant.  It’s one of the only plants that absorbs carbon dioxide during the day while releasing oxygen at night. Get ready for that peaceful sleep you’ve been waiting for.

Where to Watch the Olympic Games Near Your Seattle Apartment

August 03, 2016

With over 10,000 athletes competing in the upcoming Summer Olympics, you are definitely not going to want to miss out on any of the action. Don’t worry. We have you covered. Here are a few places where you can tune into all things Rio de Janeiro.


95 Slide

722 East Pike Street

With over 20 55-inch TVs and control-your-own-screen booths, you won’t miss a thing this summer. Be sure to check out their drink and food specials as well.


Spit Fire

2219 4th Avenue

If you’re looking for a no-frills spot to grab a beer and watch the games, head to Spit Fire. You’ll love their specials and ample amount of TVs.

Upcoming Fairs and Festivals Near Your Seattle Apartment

July 31, 2016

There’s never a dull moment when you live in Seattle. Besides being one of the most picturesque places to live, there are also plenty of events to keep you and your pals busy all summer long. With August right around the corner, it’s time to start marking your calendars.


August 4 – 7: Seattle Art Fair

WaMu Theater is hosting the annual Seattle Art Fair, an amazing exhibition featuring the vibrant and diverse talent of Pacific Northwest artists. If you’re into art or just want to explore some amazing things that are happening in Seattle’s art scene, this is one event you won’t want to miss. This 3-day event has plenty of opportunities and special events so be sure to check out the schedule and ticket information. 


August 20 – 21: Seattle Street Food Festival

South Lake Union is hosting one of the largest street food festivals in the nation, and it’s time to gear up for some mouthwatering eats! You won’t regret one of the greatest alfresco-style food and beverage experiences. With over 500 businesses, there’s sure to be a little something for everyone.


3 Essential Travel Gadgets to Take With You

July 21, 2016

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It’s time to start packing those suitcases and finally make those weekend getaway plans you’ve been putting off. Whether you’re heading to that quaint, charming town next door or to that secluded romantic beach, here are some essential travel gadgets that will make your life so much easier.


Sand-Free Mat

Never worry about sand, dirt, or dust again with your very own sand-free mat. We don’t want to get too technical, but the dual, mesh-layer technology literally makes sand disappear before your very eyes. Trust us, you’re going to want this one at the beach.


Portable Charger

You should never have to worry about your phone dying right as you’re trying to take that perfect snapshot. When you’re traveling, the last thing you want is for your phone to suddenly be at low battery. Make sure you’re always ready for pictures, directions, reservations, and more by investing in a portable charger.


Clip-On Camera

Stay hands-free with a Narrative Clip-On Camera. Now, you can enjoy your vacation excursions without stopping to take pictures every minute. This clip-on camera does the work for you! When it’s turned on, it automatically takes pictures every minute.

3 Family-Friendly Events Everyone Can Enjoy

July 14, 2016

Image Source: SeattlePipeline.com

There’s plenty to do in Seattle and awesome events are lined up this week for you to enjoy. We’ve kept the little ones in mind for this post and below you’ll find 3 family-friendly events that everyone will enjoy.


Music Under the Stars

Friday, July 22, 2016 | 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm | Columbia Library

Bring your blanket and lawn chairs for a free classical music concert under a Seattle night sky.


Percussion Extravaganza

Saturday, July 23, 2016 | 11:00 am to 12:00 pm | Benaroya Hall

Drums, cymbals, chimes, oh my! Enjoy some amazing sounds at this exciting event. Tickets are $12.


Chinatown Seafair Parade

Sunday, July 24, 2016 | 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm | Chinatown

Come see experience a cultural experience like none other in this historic Seattle neighborhood.


How to Make Your BBQ Party a Blast

July 06, 2016


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Summer, sunshine, and all things outdoors mean it’s time to gather up your friends and family for a good old-fashioned BBQ party. Whether you’re a seasoned host or want to try something new, here are a few ideas for making sure your BBQ party is a successful one.


Send Out Invitations. It’s especially exciting to receive an invitation to any gathering. A simple Facebook event will do. If you’d rather make your own, you can make your own free custom invitations and send them through mail or email.


Have Party Games Handy. Keep your guests having fun by providing a few activities that everyone can enjoy. Jenga, Cards, and Trivia are all ways to get everyone involved.


Don’t Forget the Music. Background music is great for sending out those summer vibes and keeping the mood festive. Don’t know what to put on your playlist? Here are some song ideas to get you started.

Stay on Budget. Have guests bring side dishes, desserts, and other items. Keep your costs low by purchasing food and produce that’s in season. Try not to spend all your funds on meat either, which can get pricey. Instead of going gourmet, head to a local butcher or choose meats that are reasonably-priced.

July Events to Add to Your Calendar

June 30, 2016


Image Source: RenegadeCraft.com

If there’s one thing you can count on living in Seattle, it’s that there’s always something to do! If you need an excuse to try something new with friends and family this month, then here are upcoming events that are sure to put some excitement in your plans.


Bite of Seattle | July 15-17,2016

It’s back! This food and beverage showcase features over 60 restaurants, pop-up vendors, and beer and cider tastings. With live cooking demonstrations, 5 outdoor music stages, a wine bar, and much more, bring your family and friends out for one of the most exciting weekends in July. Did we mention admission is free? Find more event information here.


Renegade Craft Fair | July 23-24, 2016

With over 200 vendors, this is the perfect fair to find something unique. Whether you’re looking for hand-crafted lotions, high-quality clothes, or unique art by local artists, you will definitely find it here. Go here for more information about this event.

3 Ideas for Hosting a Game of Thrones Viewing Party

June 22, 2016


Battling kings and queens, oh my! If you have Game of Thrones fever like the rest of us, then it’s time to host your very own Game of Thrones Viewing party with your friends! Not sure where to start? Here are 5 ideas for making sure everyone has a fun night. 


Make Invitations

If you’re going to do this, then why not go all out with themed invitations? You can make your own by picking out your favorite medieval font, staining the paper with tea, or burning the edges for an authentic feel.


Create a Makeshift Photobooth

Everyone loves a photo booth. Have people dress up and take pictures in a photo booth you created. You can keep it simple with providing a solid or patterned sheet or blanket as a background. Then, all you need are a few props and some good lighting. Here are some GOT prop printables to check out.


Get Creative

Hosting a watch party doesn’t mean that you can’t turn the night into a fun-filled extravaganza! Invest in some goblets. String up a GOT banner in your living room. If you’re feeling really adventurous, consider this printable GOT game that lets you play as you watch!