Date night!

February 14, 2019

How you doin…?

February is a time for love. It’s a time to snuggle, and cuddles. It’s a time to Netflix and chill…you know what we mean. We decided to make this blog entry about dates. Whether you got a sweet boo-thang, or you’re actively on the prowl, here are some great ideas to show the special person in your life, that you care.

The Classic Seattle Coffee Date

Yes, we know maybe it seems a bit cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason. This city is chock-full of amazing coffee shops. So head over to MiiR, or Fremont Coffee Company, or Stoneway cafe, and take that certain somebody out for a caffeinated treat.

I scream you scream!

Icecream…in February!? You might be thinking that’s a bit crazy, but there is no better way to capture your lover’s heart than with a delicious sweet treat. There are at least 3 ice cream shops within walking distance. So, no matter if you head to Molly Moons, Bluebird Icecream, or Fainting Goat Gelato, your date (and stomach) will thank you!

Paint Night!

When you’re painting, there are no mistake, just happy little accidents. Let’s hope your date, doesn’t think this way about you. They’re sure not too, if you play your cards right and take them somewhere you can sip wine and create art! So many places around the city offer paint nights. Our favorite place to go to check out all of the amazing spots is – they partner with a ton of local restaurants to host these fun events. If painting isn’t’ your thing, they even have reef making, sign making, and terrariums. Impress your date by thinking outside of the box.

Shred the Slopes!

January 21, 2019

Slopes up!

Washington State is one of the best places in the country to ski and snowboard. The scenic beauty of our state and the vast amount of mountains makes it a top destination for shredding that sweet pow pow. Here is a list of the TOP resorts in our area to get out on the slopes!

Crystal Mountain

Crystal is Washington’s largest ski resort located in Enumclaw, near both Seattle and Tacoma. The resort boasts more than 50 names runs, with a ton of backcountry to explore as well. You’ll find the highest restaurant in the state, the Summit House, sitting at 6,795 feet above the sea. The restaurant, as well as a gondola to the top are open all year long.

Summit at Snoqualmie

The Summit at Snoqualmie has 4 great mountain areas suitable for all levels of expertise. Expert and more advanced skiers will want to head up to the Alpental area, while beginners and families will feel more comfortable at Summit West. Each area has great dining options, and there is even a tubing and Nordic area for those who like to cross country ski. While there are no resorts directly on the mountain, Cascadia is located about 30 minutes away and is a luxury northwest resort that you and your family are sure to love.

Stevens Pass

This resort is nuzzled in between two national forests. The result is one of the most stunning resorts in the country. Many locals deem this as the best place for that fresh pow pow. On average Stevens Pass gets 450 inches of snow each year. There are 37 runs at Stevens Pass, and they are divided up as follows – 11% beginner, 54% intermediate and 35% advanced. Stevens Pass also has a great Nordic Center which opens up opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Resort Map

Winter in Seattle! 5 Fun things to do!

December 20, 2018

Winter is coming.

Seattle in the winter time is…well, it’s wet, and it’s cold, and it’s grey, but don’t worry because, sometimes, yes sometimes it can also be beautiful. We have put together a list of some of our favorite things to do during the winter in Seattle. So, grab your snowshoes, get your North Face jacket, a pair of gloves, and your favorite beanie and try out some of these great activities you can only experience in the winter.

Night Ski

Skiing at night, really? Yes. A few of our local resorts offer the ability to ski in the evening. Not only is this a great way to get more runs in, but it’s also a surreal experience riding that chair up the mountain in the evening twilight hours. Snoqualmie and Steven’s Pass are both open until 10 pm. Give it a try!

Love the lights at Leavenworth

Leavenworth is our Bavarian-themed town to the east. It’s a great place to go for Oktoberfest, but that’s the only thing Leavenworth has to offer. Besides being a jump-off point to some of the best snowy hikes and snowshoeing around, it’s also home to Bavarian Ice Fest. Held annually over MLK weekend, it’s a family friendly festival where you’ll be able to make snow sculptures, sled, and see the fireworks right from the village decked out in lights!

Snow Shoe

Walking in the snow can be difficult. That is of course unless you are wearing snowshoes! If you like to hike in the summer, you’re sure to enjoy snowshoeing it the winter. There are literally hundreds of trails that allow you take in all of the majestic beauty this state has to offer. Head over Lake Wenatchee State Park or the North Cascades, and you will find yourself lost in a Winter Wonderland.

Drink some seasonal beer

Just about every brewery is offering some sort of delicious season winter-themed beer. Get out, explore and inquire at your local pub about their season winter ales! We are big fans of Fremont Brewery’s Imperial Winter Ale.

Grab a Sled! Or a tube!

Don’t like to ski or snowboard? No problem. You don’t need any skill to go sledding. All of our resorts have special places to sled and tube. Automated ropes bring you back up the hill when you’re done, so there is no need to make the trek with your tube in hand. Just lie back, grab the rope and enjoy the ride. Once you reach the top of hill hold on tight! This is a must do every winter. Follow the long day with hot chocolate in the lodge.

Tis the Season! Hipster Gift Guide for presents under $100

November 25, 2018

Fa la la la! Deck the halls! Light the Menorah! Celebrate Kwanzaa – or, just give some gifts because you want too! No matter what you believe, or don’t believe, it’s a great time to show the ones in your life you care…by giving them presents! Yay for capitalism! We here at the Bowman know that you’re busy. You have meetings, and brunches to attend too. Your dog needs walking, and your cat needs the space under his chin rubbed and scratched. We want to help, we want to give you a few gift ideas that we love. Something that anyone would cherish, and be oh happy to receive.

Custom Monogrammed Slippers!

Your boo-thang is going to be sure to love these plush slips for their cold toes. Slip them on, curl up by the fire, and enjoy an evening of sophistication.

An InstaPOT!

Pot Roast in an hour!? NO WAY! Way. If you haven’t heard about the Instapot, you have obviously been living under a rock for the last 3 years. The electronic pressure cooker will have you making all sorts of slow cooked items in record time. One pot means easy cleanup! Seriously, this thing is great, we have one, and we use it all the time.

A cat tower

This is the purrrrrrfect gift for your feline adoring friends. It’s cat tested and cat approved. Your friends will thank you, even though they might feel a bit slighted that your present to them isn’t really for them, but for their cat. So, in a way, you can get your friends a present and play a joke on them. Hope your cat likes their present!

Portable Photo Printer

Say Cheese! How many times do you take photos and never do anything with them. Maybe you post a few on facebook, or instagram, but then what? They sit on the computer and you rarely see them. Sure you got some likes, but that’s about it. News flash for us millennials, we can actually print these photos…NO WAY! Get this portable photo printer, and print out your insta-gems. Put them on your walls, or get the printer that prints stickers, and stick them everywhere!

Coffee of the Month Club

New Coffee every month. What more needs to be said? Get your friends a subscription to a coffee of the month club and keep them caffeinated, because seriously, who doesn’t like coffee.


No picture needed. No description needed. Be the life of the party, get your friends booze. Then just open it up and drink it yourself.


Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2018!

October 22, 2018

Trick or Treat!!! We love Halloween, and here at the Bowman we want to give you some great ideas for your 2018 costume. We’ve scavaged the internets and world wide webs, and gathered our top 5 costume ideas. Pick one of these, and you will surely be the bell (or whatever the male equivalent) of the ball!

Boxed Wine

Spice Rack

Crazy Cat Lady

This is fine Meme

French Toast

Copy Cat

No Scrubs

Social Butterfly

Guy Fieri

Hocus Pocus Sisters

Most importantly, stay safe out there this Halloween!!

Fall is here! 3 Places to see beautiful foliage

October 02, 2018

Fall is here! Washington is a beautiful place. It’s even more beautiful in the fall. There are so many trees, and so many wonderful places to take in all that beauty! We’ve compiled a list of 5 best places to capture the vibrant colors. Make sure you get your sweater, your scarf, and your camera!

Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

The City of Seattle and the University of Washington manage 230-acres of stunning botanical gardens near the shores of Lake Washington. Areas particularly good for fall color are the Japanese Maple, Asiatic Maple, and Mountain Ash sections on the northeast side of the park, and, most beautiful of all, the Japanese Garden on the southwest side of the park.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Bigleaf maple trees abound on the Hall of Mosses Trail. Huge maples festooned with moss are also seen along the road leading from Highway 101 to the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center and campground. The resident herd of Roosevelt Elk adds to the attraction of the area for nature lovers.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Spectacular mountain scenery and brilliant yellow Alpine larch trees reward hikers who tackle the trails in this rugged section of the central Cascades. The jewel-like lakes of The Enchantments are high on the list of northwest backpacker favorites. There is also plenty of fall color around Leavenworth and the Icicle Creek Canyon on the way to the trailheads, and at nearby Lake Wenatchee.

Washington State Fair!

August 25, 2018


Just kidding, that’s not the slogan anymore, but we still like it! Are you planning on going to the Washington State Fair this year? You really should. The Washington State Fair is the largest single attraction held annually in Washington State and is consistently ranked in the top 10 among State Fairs. The fair opens on 8/31, and you will be able to attend this fun attraction for 21 days.

There is something there for everyone. Carnival games so you can win your BAE a giant stuffed animal. Fried foods aplenty, including fried butter, and a fair staple – the Funnel Cake! 3 separate roller coasters and a bunch of other fun rides to check out!

You can also see award-winning flowers and lots of farm animals. If learning how to milk a cow is on your bucket list, you can check that off at the fair too!

Make sure you get out to the fair during the month of Septemeber! You’ll be glad you did!

Grilled Cheese Grand Prix

July 15, 2018

Bread and Cheese – What could be better? Coming soon near you is an amazing, incredible competition that will sure to leave your waste band tight, and cheese residue on your face. It’s the mother of competitions, and we promise you it won’t be too cheesy. The Grilled Cheese Grand Prix is a cheese off of the greatest grilled cheese sandwhiches in our region. Melty, owey gooey cheess and fresh hot grilled bread. We’ve complied one of the tastiest lists ever, read below for descritptions of all the entries for this years contest. Please try not to druel onto your keyboard.

Where ya at Matt


Andouille sausage and Granny Smith apples placed perfectly between two slices of mouth watering sourdough bread and smothered with Queso Fundito made with Beechers Flagship and Darigold White cheddar.

Bread and Circuses


Truffle Duck Fat Butter, Darigold White Cheddar, Brioche


Lamb Curry Poutine, Darigold White Cheddar, Beechers New Woman, Grand Central Baking Como Loaf.


Ferndale Farms Mozzarella, Basil and Green Onion Pesto, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Reduced Balsamic.

The Grilled Cheese Experience



Charlie’s Buns N’ Stuff


Philly Cheesesteak with thinly sliced steak, grilled onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, provolone and Darigold cheddar and Beechers flagship cheese.

Nibbles Seattle


Ooey, Gooey sharp white cheddar, and jack cheese from Darigold, crispy Coppola ham, and New Mexico Hatch green chile and tomato jam, on Seattle sourdough cracked wheat

The Cheese Pit


Beechers Flagship Cheese, Thick sliced bacon and crushed pineapple with a citrus glaze on Seattle Sourdough


Darigold White Cheddar Cheese, Honey glazed ham, BBQ sauce on Seattle Sourdough

The Panini Truck


Beechers Jack cheese, Darigold Sharp White, pepperoni, chopped fresh basil and marinara sauce on Macrina Giuseppe bread.

Hapa Sandwiches & Donuts

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

A rainbow of Darigold Cheese between two perfectly toasted slices of bread.

People of the Chubbs


Franz Sliced Sourdough toasted w garlic butter, slow cooked & shredded roast beef, Melted Darigold Cheddar, Manchego, Beechers cheese curds, & stuffed w/ Crisp French Fries.served w/ a cup of house gravy 50:50 (beef:chicken stock)

Wich Came First


Beecher’s Flagship with Hempler’s bacon, Dijon aioli, shaved sweet onion and an over medium egg on Darigold Butter grilled French

Cheese Wizards


Darigold’s Monterey Jack, Medium Cheddar, & White Cheddar on Tallgrass Bakery’s buttery Pullman bread.


Beecher’s Just Jack & Marco Polo, cream cheese, thin sliced chicken breast, roasted red peppers, & Wizard’s Fire sauce on Tallgrass Bakery’s buttery Pullman bread.

Off the Rez


A classic grilled cheese served on our famous handmade frybread. A melty mix of Beecher’s just jack and Dairygold cheddar served with a side of romesco sauce for dipping.

Your Guide to the Best Summer Music

July 01, 2018

The Seattle Stranger, one of our favorite publications has put together an extremely complete list of this summer’s best music festivals and concerts.  We want you to be in the know, check out these great concerts.  There is something for everyone here so get out and enjoy the summer!



Through July 31: Karaoke in the Park (Cromwell Park, Shoreline)
Spend your Tuesday evenings in July singing your favorite tunes at this Shoreline community park.


Through Aug 14: Lunchtime Music Series (Various locations, Shoreline)
Enjoy afternoon sessions of all-ages world music performances and family comedy at this Shoreline summer series.
Lineup: Halau Hula O’Napualani (July 17), Dabuli (July 24), Steel Magic Northwest (July 31), Steve Hamilton (Aug 7), Caspar Babypants (Aug 14)


Through Aug 31: Dancing Til Dusk (Various locations, Seattle)
Learn to dance to jazz, swing, funk, honky tonk, and other genres at these free summer dance classes with live bands and DJs in Seattle parks.
Lineup: KGB (July 12), Billy Joe Show (July 17), Casey MacGill Trio (July 19), Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble (July 24), Portage Bay Big Band (July 26), Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints (July 31), Buena Vibra (Aug 2), DJ Koichi Tsunoda (Aug 7), Lady A Band (Aug 9), Tangoheart (Aug 14), Ranger and the Re-Arrangers (Aug 16), Swingin’ in the Rain with Dina Blade (Aug 21), Kevin Buster’s Lunch Money (Aug 23)


July 11-Aug 22: Des Moines Beach Summer Concert Series (Des Moines Beach Park)
Get nostalgic with ’60s music, Styx covers, Elvis covers, and other hits of yesteryear at this summer music series at the beach.
Lineup: Borrowed Time (July 11), Flashback: The Summer of Love Revisited (July 18), Longstride (July 25), The ABBAgraphs (Aug 1), Time Machine Radio (Aug 8), Danny Vernon (Aug 15), The Beatniks (Aug 22)

July 11-25: Music in the Park (Angle Lake Park)
Snag a spot in the grass for free funky blues, rock, and country concerts from Cory Wilds Band, Platinum Soul, and Jessica Lynne.
Lineup: Cory Wilds Band (July 11), Platinum Soul (July 18), Jessica Lynne (July 25)

July 11-Aug 22: Sounds of Summer Concert Series (University Village)
Spend your summer Wednesday evenings enjoying free live music from local bands, drinking brews in a RAM beer garden, and snacking on gourmet bites from U-Village restaurants.
Lineup: Dudley Manlove Quartet (July 11), Nite Wave (July 18), DoctorfunK (July 25), The Paperboys (Aug 1), Kalimba (Aug 8), Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme (Aug 15), Hit Explosion (Aug 22)

July 11-Aug 22: Summer Concerts in the Park (Various locations, Shoreline and Lake Forest Park)
Bring a picnic basket and as many or as few family members as you like to these free concerts in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline. Catch bands across genres, like Latin jazz guitarist Deseo Carmin, Tom Petty cover band Petty, and country outfit Highway 9 Band.
Lineup: Deseo Carmin (July 11), Petty Thief (July 18), JHP Band (Aug 1), Clave Gringa (Aug 8), The Irish Experience (Aug 15), Highway 9 Band (Aug 22)


July 12-Aug 9: Soundbites! (Auburn City Hall)
Spend your summer Thursday lunch hours catching live jazz, Latin, and rock sets from Northwest bands.
Lineup: Hook Me Up (July 12), Darren Montamedy (July 19), Ranger and the Re-Arrangers (July 26), Culture Shock (Aug 2), Wally and the Beavs (Aug 9)

July 12-Aug 23: Summer Rooftop Concert Series (Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails)
Spend your Thursdays partying and sipping cocktails on a roof with live local bands like indie rockers Cold Comfort and the Flavr Blue, dream-pop outfit Black Whales, and folk singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski.
Lineup: Killer Workout (July 12), Kris Orlowski (July 18), Cold Comfort (Aug 2), Black Whales (Aug 9), The Fame Riot (Aug 16), The Flavr Blue (Aug 23)

July 19-Aug 30: Seattle Sounds Concert Series (Chihuly Garden and Glass)
Sip wine and listen to live music from acts like Tomo Nakayama and Shelby Earl amidst Dale Chihuly’s glass creations.
Lineup: Tomo Nakayama (July 19), Little Spirits (July 26), Warren Dunes and Julia Massey (Aug 2), Tekla Waterfield (Aug 9), Shelby Earl (Aug 16), Naomi Wachira (Aug 23), Kris Orlowski (Aug 30)

Through Aug 16: 2018 Kirkland Evening Concerts (Marina Park)
Adults and youngsters alike can jam to Beatles tribute band Creme Tangerine, ukulele ensemble the Castaways, Tom Petty tribute band Petty Differences, and others throughout the summer.
Lineup: Creme Tangerine (July 12), West Coast Feed (July 19), Rear View Mirror (July 26), Nate Botsford (Aug 2), The Castaways (Aug 9), Petty Differences (Aug 16)

Through Sept 6: Deck’d Out Summer Series (Monkey Loft)
Deck’d Out returns to the Monkey Loft rooftop deck featuring cathartic vibes and party jams every Thursday night this summer. Enjoy rotating DJs, label and collective takeovers, and free entry if you attend Yo Yo Yoga beforehand.
Lineup: KEXP Expansions Showcase (July 5), Slurm, Jon Lee b2b Wesley Holmes (July 12), Grounded and subMerge with ViiV (July 19), Luke Mandala and Joe Bellingham (July 26), Jake the Rapper (Aug 2), J.Phlip (Aug 9), Cole Medina (Aug 16), Mr. TC & Kodemul (Aug 23), TUF Takeover (Aug 30), Kevin Knapp (Sept 6)


July 13–27: World Music Series (Volunteer Park Amphitheater)
Discover music from other countries performed by local groups at these free Friday concerts sponsored by the Seattle Art Museum.
Lineup: Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project (July 13), the Teskey Brothers (July 20), Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band (July 27), the Deems Tsutakawa Band featuring Jeff Kashiwa (Aug 3)

Aug 3-24: KEXP & Seattle Center Present: Concerts at the Mural 2018(Mural Amphitheater at Seattle Center)
In true KEXP summertime fashion, the station will be partnering with Seattle Center to provide another enjoyable round of free family-friendly concerts this year at the Mural Amphitheater, located within the heart of Seattle Center. Local and touring artists are included in each year’s lineup, with Seattle favorites Tacocat kicking off the fest this year.
Lineup: Tacocat, the Coathangers, Snuff Redux (Aug 3), Afghan Wigs, Mass Gothic, Yuno (Aug 10), Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, True Loves (Aug 17), The Moondoggies, Jo Passed, the Black Tones (Aug 24)

Through Aug 24: Music In The Vines (Gilbert Cellars Winery at Hackett Ranch, Yakima)
For the eighth year running, gather under the grapevines for an outdoor summer music series providing live rock, pop, and Americana out on Hackett Ranch. There will be select Gilbert Cellars wines available by the glass and bottle during each show, plus local food vendors with snacks aplenty.
Lineup: Dusty 45s (July 13), Dead Horses (July 27), Austin Jenckes (Aug 10), Dirty Revival (Aug 24)


Through Sept 29: UHeights Summer Music Festival (University Heights Center)
Rather than one weekend overwhelmed with activity, University Heights will break their summer fun into two-hour sets every Saturday from June to September. Each weekend will feature live music from bands of every genre, world dance troupes, and children’s shows. The whole series is free to the public, with food available from the U-District Farmers Market each weekend.
Lineup: Gansango Dance Company (July 7), The Harmonica Pocket (July 14), The Good Kings (July 21), The Winterlings (July 28), NW Tap Connection (Aug 4), Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project (Aug 11), TBA (Aug 18), Flip Phone (Aug 25), DE CAJóN Project (Sept 1), Mikey Mike the Rad Scientist (Sept 8), Yaamba Marimba (Sept 15), Annette Taborn (Sept 22), TBA (Sept 29)


Through Sept 15: Hot Spot (Waterfront Park)
Soak up some sun with live music and DJ dance parties, food, and family activities on the waterfront throughout the summer.
Lineup: Summer at the Soccer Octagon (July 14-15), K-Pop Now! (July 28), 206 Zulu Beat Masters (July 29), Blues at Pier 58 (Aug 4-5), Verano en Seattle (Aug 11), Do 206 (Aug 12), City Arts Presents High Tide on the Waterfront (Aug 18-19), 206 Zulu Fish-N-Chips (Aug 25), Funky Dance Party (Aug 26), Americana Festival (Sept 1-2)

Through Sept 16: 2018 Chittenden Locks Summer Concert Series(Hiram M. Chittenden Locks)
June through September, enjoy live music performances from symphonic bands, show choirs, jazz trios, and more in the gardens by the Ballard Locks.
Lineup: Letter Carriers Band & Fraternal Order of Eagles (July 14), West Seattle Big Band (July 15), Mood Swings (July 21), Coal Creek Jazz Band (July 22), High Class Brass Quintet (July 28), Jazz Pearls (July 29), Pacific Cascade Big Band (Aug 4), Greenwood Concert Band (Aug 5), Batucada (Aug 11), Match One Jazz Orchestra (Aug 12), Microsoft Jumpin Jive Orchestra (Aug 18), Professor Gadget Sax Quintet (Aug 19), Lynnwood Community Band (Aug 25), the Tempos (Aug 26), Strum (Sept 1), Tuttu Flutti (Sept 2), Michael Clune & Sleep till Noon Band (Sept 3), Ballard Civic Orchestra (Sept 16)

Through Sept 3: Hama Hama Summer Music Series 2018 (Hama Hama Company and Store, Lilliwaup)
Slurp delicious bivalves (or opt for bratwurst), sip beer and wine, dance to live music, and play a game of cornhole on the waterfront.
Lineup: FarmStrong (July 14), Vince Brown (July 15), Rhythm & Sass (July 21), Ryan Doty (July 22), Oma Wilcox (July 28), Sam Densmore (July 29), OOUJH (Aug 4), Tara Velarde (Aug 5), The Rainier Hour (Aug 11), Blue Sky Jazz (Aug 12), Rhythm & Sass (Aug 18), Vince Brown (Aug 19), Keith Scott Blues (Aug 25), Wild Card (Aug 26), TBD (Sept 1), Bread & Gravy (Sept 2), Joy in Mudville (Sept 3)


June 10-Sept 9: Columbia City Beat Walk (Various locations, Columbia City)
Head south for the Columbia City Beatwalk, a music festival for locals by locals, every second Sunday through September.

July 8-Aug 26: Free Blues & Cool Jazz Series (Freeway Park)
Loll on the grass and listen to free and all-ages sets of chill jazz and blues from some of Seattle’s most popular local musicians.
Lineup: Brett “Bad Blood” Benton (July 15), the Patti Allen (July 22), Limited Addition (July 29), Kate Voss and the Big Boss Band (Aug 5), Happy Orchestra (Aug 12), Jaqueline Tabor (Aug 19), Disorganized (Aug 26)

Through Aug 26: KEXP DJ Summer Series at Brewlab (Redhook Brewlab)
Spend your summer Sundays grooving to tunes from KEXP DJs Abbie and Atticus while you sip a hazy grapefruit “Abbicus” IPA brewed just for the occasion.


Through July 27: Music Under the Stars 2018 (Various locations, Seattle)
The concept of Music Under the Stars is simple but compelling: A student ensemble sets up in a park and plays to whoever shows up, often folks with picnic blankets in tow and maybe a surreptitious bottle of wine or two. Then, at eight, Benaroya Hall pipes in whatever performance is happening that night (aligned with selections from this year’s Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival, of course) to the assembled throng—it’s basically two shows for the price of none! This summer, MUTS takes place during the month of July, with Mondays at Delridge Playfield, Wednesday and Thursday concerts at Volunteer Park, and Fridays at Freeway and Columbia Parks. You’ll hear performances of everything from Igor Stravinsky’s Suite Italienne for Violin and Piano and Maurice Ravel’s Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano in A minor to Robert Schumann’s Romances for Oboe and Piano, Op. 94 and Johannes Brahms’ Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano in B Major, Op. 8.

Through Aug 31: Downtown Summer Sounds (Various locations, Seattle)
Explore physical and musical Seattle landscapes with this almost-daily afternoon concert series happening all summer long at various stages throughout downtown. If you happen to be in the right spot at the right time, you can hear the likes of SassyBlack, Clinton Fearon, PARISALEXA, The Black Tones, Prom Queen, and many other local notables—for free.
Lineup: SassyBlack (July 12), Among Authors (July 13), Shaggy Sweet (July 16), Kim Archer (July 18), ZAHARA (July 19), Northern Shakedown (July 20), Headwaves (July 23), Nolan Garrett (July 25), The Black Tones (July 26), Caela Bailey (July 27), Whitney Mongé (July 30), the Seattle Women’s Steel Pan Project (Aug 1), Abbey Arts Presents: Sundae Crush (Aug 2), General Mojo’s (Aug 3), Prom Queen (Aug 6), Ayron Jones (Aug 8), Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra (Aug 9), Warren Dunes feat. Julia Massey (Aug 10), En Canto (Aug 13), Bleachbear (Aug 15), Honcho Poncho (Aug 16), The Dusty 45s (Aug 17), Lions Ambition (Aug 20), Peace & Red Velvet (Aug 22), Special Explosion (Aug 23), Tiffany Wilson (Aug 24), Marsalis (Aug 27), The Sky Colony (Aug 28), PARISALEXA (Aug 29), Katie Kuffel (Aug 30), Clinton Fearon (Aug 31)


CenturyLink Field
Aug 25: Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, Snow Patrol
Oct 4: Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Chateau Ste. Michelle
July 13: Woodinville Bluegrass Classic: Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, Del McCoury Band, The Jerry Douglas Band
July 19-20: John Fogerty
July 21-22: Sheryl Crow
July 27-28: Jackson Browne
July 29: Wine Country Blues Festival
July 30: ZZ Top
Aug 4: Chateau Ste. Michelle Festival of Jazz
Aug 10: The Gipsy Kings with Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo with Simi Stone
Aug 18: The Gala
Aug 24: Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
Aug 25-26: Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton
Sept 7: Rodrigo y Gabriela
Sept 8: The Mavericks, Los Lobos
Through Sept 11: Chateau Tuesdays
Sept 13: Lake Street Dive
Sept 14: The Australian Pink Floyd Show: Time 2018
Sept 15: Lyle Lovett & His Large Band

Gorge Amphitheater
July 20-22: Phish
Aug 3-5: Seventh Annual Watershed Festival
Aug 18: Rebelution, Stephen Marley, Common Kings, Zion I, DJ Mackle
Aug 24-25: Bass Canyon
Aug 31-Sept 2: Dave Matthews Band
Sept 15: The Avett Brothers, The Head & The Heart, Shovels & Rope

Marymoor Park
July 14: Sylvan Esso
Jul 28: Sublime, Rome, Lupe Fiasco, New Politics
Aug 11-12: 107.7 The End Summer Camp 2018
Aug 25: Dispatch, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Scatter Their Own
Sept 6: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Aimee Mann
Sept 8-9: Jason Mraz, Brett Dennen

Safeco Field
Aug 8: Pearl Jam
Aug 31: Zac Brown Band, OneRepublic
Sept 1: Foo Fighters

Washington State Fair Events Center
Aug 31: Chicago
Sept 1: Khalid
Sept 2: Florida Georgia Line
Sept 3: Lost ’80s Live
Sept 7: Scotty McCreery
Sept 8: Jamey Johnson
Sept 10: RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles
Sept 12: Seal
Sept 13: Boy George and Culture Club
Sept 15: Toby Keith
Sept 17: Lauren Daigle
Sept 19: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Cheap Trick
Sept 20: Brett Eldredge
Sept 21: Macklemore
Sept 23: Rascal Flatts

White River Amphitheater
July 13: Logic, NF
July 14: Pentatonix
July 16: Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Bad Wolves
July 20: G-Eazy, Lil Uzi Vert, Ty Dolla $ign, YBN Nahmir, P-Lo, Murda Beatz
July 21: Chris Stapleton, Marty Stuart, Brent Cobb
July 27: Foreigner, Whitesnake, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience
Aug 2: Niall Horan, Maren Morris
Aug 4: Weezer, Pixies, The Wombats
Aug 18: Kid Rock, Brantley Gilbert, Wheeler Walker Jr.
Aug 19: Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Russell Dickerson
Aug 24-26: Pain in the Grass 2018
Sept 1: Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper
Sept 7: Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling

Woodland Park Zoo
July 22: The Roots
July 29: The Psychedelic Furs, X
Aug 2: Adam Ant, The Fixx
Aug 5: Amos Lee, Bailen
Aug 12: Phillip Phillips, Gavin DeGraw
Aug 19: Punch Brothers, Andrew Bird
Aug 22-23: Pink Martini
Sept 9: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Galactic, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, New Breed Brass Band


JULY 12-14

Timber! Outdoor Music Festival
Timber is back for its sixth year with three days of crowd-friendly folk, rock, and pop performances, and all-ages activities like camping, kayaking, and stargazing all weekend long. This year’s lineup includes Car Seat Headrest, Industrial Revelation, Naked Giants, and more.
Tolt-McDonald Park, Carnation

JULY 13–15

West Seattle Summer Fest
Spend some time shopping, dancing to live music from great local bands like Versing, Fruit Juice, and Shannon and the Clams, dining, drinking in beer gardens, and enjoying other summery activities at this annual family-friendly festival.
West Seattle Junction


Lakewood’s all-day summer festival is a potpourri of family-friendly entertainment, featuring everything from fire dancers and slit walkers to an international music festival and a pet parade. Plus, graze from over 30 trucks, cool off in a beer garden, shop from market vendors, run a 5K, watch Coco in the park, and much more.
Fort Steilacoom Park, Lakewood

This annual, free, all-day/all-night affair is thrown by the local TUF collective of female/nonbinary/trans artists and creatives with an emphasis on electronic music and comes with support from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Panels will cover nuts-and-bolts matters like how to set up a PA, career advice like business skills for artists, and critical reflections on the music industry, with a stacked lineup of daytime performers and a late-night after party. Artists will include TT the Artist, Nightspace, and Guayaba, there will be art from the likes of FEMAIL and REEL GRRLS, and local notables including Nikkita Oliver and Women.Weed.Wifi will lead workshops.
Judkins Park


JamFest 2018
The third annual JamFest enlivens the historic International District with live music sets, cabaret and burlesque performances, art, and food specials. A donation at the front gets you into all involved music venues (including Chiyo’s Garden, Nihonmachi Alley, and Canton Alley). The lineup includes Julz Ilang-Bulan, Sendai Era, Groove Clan, Siahna, DJ Magic Sean, and many others.
Wing Luke Museum

JULY 20-22

Capitol Hill Block Party 2018
Twenty-plus years ago, Capitol Hill Block Party was a one-day music event, featuring just a single stage. These days, the now iconic Capitol Hill festival takes over six blocks of the Pike/Pine corridor for three days of local and national artists on five separate stages. This year’s lineup includes mainstage heavy-hitters like Father John Misty, Dillon Francis, Oh Wonder, and BROCKHAMPTON, as well as mid-size artists like Bully, Yaeji, and Ryan Caraveo, and smaller local acts like Dude York and Parisalexa.
Capitol Hill

Darrington Bluegrass Festival 2018
The Darrington Bluegrass Festival has been going strong for 42 years running, with a lineup of live bluegrass jams, food, booze, and vendor booths, all set against the natural backdrop of beautiful Darrington. This year’s headliners include Dave Adkins, Band of Ruhks, Volume Five, Sister Sadie, and many others.
Darrington Bluegrass Music Park

JULY 22-29

Jazz Port Townsend Festival
Here is what you have to do: drive down to the ferry dock, drive onto a ferry, cross the bay on this ferry, exit the ferry, drive across the island, cross some bridges, stop at a gas station for something fried, salty, and not good for you, eventually enter Port Townsend, and, before heading to Fort Worden State Park, admire a number of the town’s Victorian-style homes. When you finally park your car in the pretty park, roll down your window and listen to jazz music from the Jazz Port Townsend Festival in the sun-brightened air. Cars were not made for the city, but for short trips like this. CHARLES MUDEDE
McCurdy Pavilion at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend

JULY 26-29

Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival
Starborne presents an entire weekend to camp out and enjoy live music, interactive art, workshops, performances, and artisan vending. In their words: “Family Friendly and Party Approved.”
Masonic Family Campground, Granite Falls


9th Annual Cornbread Ball
Slim’s ninth annual Cornbread Ball features a whole heap of deep-fried greasy goodness, musical and otherwise, from the likes of Tom Howard, Sean Baldeschwiler, The Freams, Anti-Hero, John Hamhock, Disco Cowboys, and many more.
Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack and Watering Hole

Chamber Music in the Park
For this year’s Chamber Music in the Park performance, members of the Seattle Chamber Music Society will play Johannes Brahms’ String Quintet in G Major, Op. 111 and Anton Arensky’s String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 35.
Volunteer Park


Wine Country Blues Festival
Chateau Ste. Michelle kicks off another year of blues in the wine country, with a stacked summer festival bill of live sets by genre masters TajMo (The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band), Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and John “Greyhound” Maxwell.
Chateau Ste. Michelle


Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival
Sink into blues with musicians from the Mississippi Delta to the deep wells of Texas, and steep your ears in this great American cultural expression of their acoustic talents.
McCurdy Pavilion at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend

AUG 1-6

Doe Bay Fest 11
Doe Bay Fest’s weekend of camping, local music, food, and dancing in a little Orcas Island cove will return for its 11th year.
Doe Bay

AUG 2-5

Summer Meltdown 2018
Nestled in the mountains of central Washington, Summer Meltdown aims to provide a weekend of high-energy live music performances in a lush woodland setting. Headliners will include Bassnectar, Big Gigantic, Greensky Bluegrass, Lettuce, and Beats Antique, and there will also be “adventures” like rafting, helicopter rides, and kayaking.
Darrington Bluegrass Music Park

AUG 3-5

7th Annual Watershed Festival
Watershed Country Music Festival will return to the Gorge for a wild weekend of twangin’ goodness. Put on your “Shedder gear” (trucker hats?) and get ready for three whole days of down-home studs, including Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Cassadee Pope, Big & Rich, and more.
Gorge Amphitheatre

Pickathon 2018
Popular bluegrass festival Pickathon will return to Pendarvis Farm for some rootin-tootin’ and new-boot-scootin’ and whatever else qualifies as country fun. Despite always staying true to its bleedin’ bluegrass heart, Pickathon has expanded its reach in recent years to include artists like Broken Social Scene, Phosphorescent, I’m With Her, Jamila Woods, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Sheer Mag, and many more.
Pendarvis Farm, Oregon


Music in the Meadow Brew-Haha and Food Truck Face-Off
Get all your favorite things at this beer and music fest with five bands, including Hey Marseilles, Shelby Earl, and the Hoyer Brothers playing afternoon sets, alongside a craft beer competition and a chance to vote for your favorite food truck.
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts, Leavenworth

Summer Stag Party III
Power-pop rippers Stag will throw their third annual summer party to celebrate the reunion of legendary Sub Pop group Love Battery, who will perform Dayglo in its entirety, along with live sets by Pink Parts, the Black Tones, Andrew McKeag Band, and DJ Kingblind.
Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack and Watering Hole

AUG 11

Auburn’s summer festival features two stages of live music, a beer garden, food and craft vendors, a car show, a small press book fair, and more outdoor activities.
Les Gove Park, Auburn

Brew Five Three: Tacoma’s Beer & Music Festival
This Tacoma block party will have beer from more than 30 Washington State breweries, tasty food trucks, and live music from local blues, Americana, and rock acts.
Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

SPF30: Sub Pop’s 30th Anniversary Party
Sub Pop Records will celebrate their 30th birthday in West Seattle with live sets from bands on their label, food, booze, and a record sale. The current lineup includes Beach House, Clipping, Kyle Craft, Fastbacks, Jo Passed, Loma, LVL UP, METZ, Moaning, Mudhoney, Shabazz Palaces, and Wolf Parade, plus Caspar Babypants, the Not-Its, and the School of Rock West Seattle House Band.
Alki Beach


12th Annual North City Jazz Walk
Combine your three favorite activities (listening, eating, and walking) at the 12th Annual North City Jazz Walk this August. Shoreline pulls out all the stops with Jazz Bites, a selection of food treats from local eateries, and the Jazz Walk itself—a showcase of local and international jazz musicians, playing for your pleasure as you stroll down 15th Ave NE.

AUG 18

Mercer X Summit Block Party
The new-ish Mercer X Summit Block Party is to be a free all-ages music festival held at the intersection of Summit and Mercer on the north end of Capitol Hill. The day-long fest will take place in the center of beloved local businesses Indian Summer, Summit Pub, Itto’s, Sun Liquor, Generations, Single Shot, and Top Pot, so support your community and shop around.
Summit Public House

AUG 24-26

Bass Canyon
Join up with your fellow celestial headbangers for three days of bass-heavy beats echoing through the Columbia River Gorge, featuring artists like Excision, Zomboy, Bear Grillz, 12th Planet, Barely Alive, and many more.
Gorge Amphitheatre

Pain in the Grass 2018
KISW’s Pain in the Grass will take over Auburn for three straight days of rock and punk warfare thanks to massive headliners like Slayer, Alice in Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, and many more.
White River Amphitheatre

West Seattle Beer & Music Festival
At the first edition of this new annual event, try an array of craft beers from breweries near and far and explore tastes of brews with food pairings, all accompanied by the sounds of local bands and DJs. The festival will raise funds for the Westside Baby Co., “the only social service agency in the western King County area that collects, inspects and distributes free diapers, clothing, cribs, and safety gear for babies and children.”
Alki Masonic Center

AUG 25

If your kids wanted to go to Coachella but you, for obvious reasons, didn’t want to send them to Indio by themselves for the weekend, head to Kidchella instead for an afternoon of live music from Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, and the Not-Its alongside carnival games, bounce houses, face painting, and food trucks.
Magnuson Park Hangar 30

Poverty Bay Blues & Brews Festival
Because beer and blues are perfect bedfellows, spend a day alongside folksy musicians like the Eric Rice Band, Randy Oxford All-Stars, Rae Gordon, and the CD Woodbury Trio while sipping brews from many local breweries.
Des Moines Beach Park

AUG 25-26

Arts in Nature Festival
The Arts in Nature Festival presents a series of acoustic, unplugged performances by musicians, dancers, actors, and other performers across several stages, plus participatory art happenings set against the most beautiful backdrop: Mother Nature. Also come for artsy hikes, food, and a beer garden.
Camp Long


Bumbershoot 2018
Bumbershoot, Seattle’s biggest music, comedy, and arts festival, will take over Seattle Center for Labor Day Weekend 2018 for the 48th year. Musically, this year’s fest will be helmed by the likes of J. Cole, the Chainsmokers, Fleet Foxes, Lil Wayne, Portugal. The Man, Ludacris, and Blondie. The “comedy & conversation” portion will be headlined by Eugene Mirman and the Last Podcast on the Left. There will also be an arts and culture component with standbys like the 1 Reel Film Fest and shows at the Laser Dome, along with local artist Dylan Neuwirth. Bumbershoot’s culinary offerings, also called B-Eats, will include Bok a Bok Fried Chicken, Little Uncle, and Frankie & Jo’s ice cream.
Seattle Center

Oak Harbor Music Festival
Enjoy the beauty of Whidbey Island to the tune of three whole days of free music in downtown Oak Harbor, along with beer gardens, food vendors, and arts and crafts booths.
Whidbey Island

Seattle Farmer’s Market Guide

May 31, 2018

Fresh Kale? Maybe some nice rutabagas? Perhaps you need organic bok choy for your fresh Thai stir fry tonight? You will want fresh cut flowers to place on the table and definitely a wholesome gluten-free brownie for dessert afterward. Some items can only be found at a farmers market. Below we have put together a list of all the Famer’s Markets in Seattle with the days and times they are open. Let the farmers market season begin!

Capitol Hill Broadway Farmers Market

Sundays, year-round
11 am-3 pm

Columbia City Farmers Market

Wednesdays, May 9-Oct 10
3-7 pm

Lake City Market

Thursdays, June 7-Oct 4
3-7 pm

Magnolia Farmers Market

Saturdays, June 2-Oct 20
10 am-2 pm (except Aug 5)

Phinney Farmers Market

Fridays, June 1-Sept 28
3:30-7:30 pm

West Seattle Farmers Market

Sundays, year-round
10 am-2 pm

University District Farmers Market

Saturdays, year-round
9 am-2 pm

City Hall Farmers Market

Tuesdays, May 29-Oct 9
10 am-2 pm

Denny Regrade Farmers Market

Tuesdays, May 29-Sept 25
10 am-2 pm

South Lake Union Farmers Market

Thursdays, May 31-Oct 11
10 am-2 pm

First Hill Farmers Market

Fridays, June 1-Sept 28
10 am-2 pm

Pike Place Farmers Market

Saturdays, June-Nov
9 am-5 pm

Wallingford Farmers Market

Wednesdays, May 16-Sept 26
3-7 pm

Ballard Farmers Market

Sundays, year-round
10 am-3 pm

Madrona Farmers Market

Fridays, May 18-Oct 12
3-7 pm

Queen Anne Farmers Market

Thursdays, June 7-Oct 11
3-7:30 pm